Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you know that I am waiting you 》 is one text

On January 6, this report news story 《breeze snow inside, do you know that I am waiting you 》 is one text, reported loyalty the county"stick stick" Zheng Ding Xiang, in ten thousand state cities behavior picked two major pack of goods, result the employer walked to throw.In order to find out owner old, breeze snow inside bitterness looks for near half month, until just find out employer on the 14th.
More than 20 days come, old Zheng Yi Ju Quan"lacking money is enough virtuous", arouse wide readership and net friend hot argument, the record of events of old also arouses a whole country, even several foreign medium concern.Last night, the record of events of old ascended again Yang to see 《news syndication 》 .
The record of events ascended 《news syndication 》
Old still lives in the street Lan

"Lack money an ability not to is unscrupulous

Story epitome
Old is ten thousand a beggarliness"stick stick" in the state citieses, the first day of 2011, he picked several feather Rongs to take for person, result, the employer walked to throw.Face New Year"gift" like this, he has no Mei heart.Near half month inside, he is dressed in list dress and looks for employer everywhere ……accept a reporter to cover, he tosses ground to have a ground to say:"Lack money an ability not to is unscrupulous!"
Is related to report
This report reports in a row to old
■January 6:《Breeze snow inside, do you know that I am waiting you 》
■January 7:《He"lacking money is enough virtuous" become popular the latest network language 》
■January 12:《Loyalty"lacking money is enough virtuous" of the county county Wei secretary call study spirit 》
■January 15:《"Stick stick" bitterness waits neared half month feathered Rong to take host to find out 》

"Fraud" that puts forward in the invitation card to"reed" queries and wins to shoot to help to call "query not to is to report

"Fraud" that puts forward in the invitation card to"reed" queries and wins to shoot to help to call "query not to is to report, temporarily can,t investigate".(Reporter, Sun Xue Mei, )(source:China Times in the city)
(Responsibility editor:Yang Jian)
This report once reported old of"stick stick" to look for the story of owner in a row
Allowed at 7:00 last night, this report reported of"lacking money was enough virtuous""stick stick" Zheng Ding Xiang ascended Yang to see 《news syndication 》 program.Reporter six key links shoot
Old of "lacking money is enough virtuous"
Ascended last night Yang to see 《news syndication 》
The editor presses
Cold winter, warm news.
"Stick stick""lacking money is enough virtuous" that this report reports in a row recently, and arouse as for"the young mother rides motor to go home to see a son" that reported yesterday society unprecedented echo, give this sever winter season, brought the warm of spring in advance.For this, this report today especially in 17, 18 versions, publish their echos to report, let them continue touched we, warmth we!

"The reporter inquires a hair person the contact method of"reed"

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the forum, querying the invitation card of beard fighting skill photograph fraud has already been closed, and the web page shows:"This forum learns of beard fighting skill the Sir is elucidation to this, owing to the benefits that may involve others give a close now."The reporter inquires a hair person the contact method of"reed", win to shoot to help to call to have no hair a detailed information to person.
Medium shot to help related representative director is response to say, the forum was the place that the citizen announces a speech, "reed" hair contents has never involved to revile scornfully to wait a sensitive vocabulary, so just examine through a hair.After understanding beard fighting skill the pronouncement of invitation card contents, forum in the website has already closed the invitation card.

After knowing the invitation card contents that"reed" delivers

Yesterday, beard fighting skill response said, July 31, 1983, when the flood took on the scene, he had no other photographers, and the region also had no photographer to invite its help blunt develop film, the photograph announced in《Chinese newspaper 》 , and acquired "Chinese news photographed to learn the best news photograph prize".After knowing the invitation card contents that"reed" delivers, the beard fighting skill responds to this matter in own blog, and hope net friend"reed" and medium shoot to help a website to stop irresponsible behavior.He thinks that winning shoots a forum to examine to the invitation card contents not strict just cause oneself is reputation get hurt to harm, pass reservation the right that legal action and other outlet support their oneself is reputations.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bear with the weariness from overwork of body and think of home of endure long hardship

As far as cause extreme worry and distress think of home of feeling, think close feeling, also have the Lao wound the molestation of the slight illness, the harassment of family crisis, the worried etc. of marriage, the pain-suffering in the heart has again who understand?Again to who tell?When their legal rightses were subjected to infringe upon, again protest have no according to, complain have no door, can not find a normal benefits expression method.
The farmer work begs for salary tragedy when no longer present to public?
Nearby celebrate the New Year, in the outside toil a year of the farmer workses prepare to step on way home again.Drifted on water in the outside for a year, bear with the weariness from overwork of body and think of home of endure long hardship, finally wait until the day that can go home to relax for several days.But, but the owner bore debt quite a few month wages, oneself is two hands were all empty how can return to?Bleed sweat but could not take wages, the reasonable begs for a salary to be forced to kneel down ……

Beat into "minority"

This ages that originally should is a farmer works-who can not neglect this community, either.But, as a member of the strong community, but farmer work always drive social marginalization, beat into "minority".
They have never been an equal right community to integrate into community in the city and have no because of their mental exertion contribute but acquire the treatment that should have, their existence conditions make people heavy.They do a part-time job for the owner, contractor head the big part have never signed to labor contract, widespreadly didn,t purchase social endowment insurance, the wages was usually still meager to receive on time, the working time is long, labor the strength is big, work environment bad.They push to sleep work Peng and rent humble room and have the cheapest rice and drink not clean water, also is often investigated and searched, blackmailed, listen to abusive word, see cold stare, be subjected to a bias.